July 4, 2010

The Sin — White Chocolate and Strawberry Cheesecake / 白巧克力起司蛋糕加草莓塔
This was one of the two desserts I was making to bring to two different parties. Since most desserts I made so far this summer had fruits in them and I have yet to experiment with strawberries, this was a perfect recipe.

The Oreo crumbs took a long time to pad down on the the edge of the pan. I had to spread them really thin to cover the whole interior, with two inches in height. Next time I will need to make more crumbs than what the recipe called for. The guests at Suzy and Rob’s Lake Desire retreat thoroughly enjoyed the cheesecake, or so Suzy told me.

Courtesy of http://epi.us/white-chocolate-and-strawberry-cheesecake

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