November 25, 2010 The Sin — Pumpkin Cheesecake with Caramel Swirl / 南瓜起司蛋糕淋焦糖扭紋Thanksgiving 2010 dinner party at friends’. I wanted to make another dish with pumpkin in it so I picked this cheesecake recipe. I took[…]

July 17, 2010 The Sin — Blackberry Cheesecake / 黑梅起司蛋糕For next-door neighbor Ken’s 40th birthday. Ken had mentioned before that he likes cheesecake, so he got what he asked for. Courtesy of

July 4, 2010 The Sin — White Chocolate and Strawberry Cheesecake / 白巧克力起司蛋糕加草莓塔This was one of the two desserts I was making to bring to two different parties. Since most desserts I made so far[…]

April 18, 2010 The Sin — Cappuccino-Fudge Cheesecake / 卡布奇諾法奇軟糖起司蛋糕Lorem ipsum… Courtesy of

March 12, 2010 The Sin — Deep Dark Chocolate Cheesecake / 黑巧克力起司蛋糕Lorem Ipsum… Courtesy of

November 26, 2009 The Sin — Pumpkin Cheesecake /南瓜起司蛋糕Thanksgiving dinner with the gang at Ronnie’s place. Courtesy of