December 24, 2010 The Sin — Peanut Butter Cream Tart / 花生醬奶油塔Christmas Eve dinner party at friends’. I picked this dessert because I really liked the spider web pattern. Courtesy of

November 25, 2010 The Sin — Pumpkin Banana Mousse Tart / 南瓜香蕉慕斯塔Thanksgiving 2010 dinner party at friends’. The recipe called for pumpkin and it was fairly too make. Still working on my cake decorating skills.[…]

September 17, 2010 The Sin — Chocolate and Coconut Pecan Tart / 巧克力加椰子胡桃塔For the life of me, I cannot remember why I made this dessert… Courtesy of

July 17, 2010 The Sin — Apple Tart with Caramel Sauce / 蘋果焦糖醬塔Kellan is moving away to San Francisco. Since I spent most of my time today making the blackberry cheesecake for Ken’s birthday, I[…]

July 4, 2010 The Sin — Balsamic Custard Tart with Fresh Berry Topping / 甜醋蛋塔加鮮混合漿果I wanted to make something to fit the occasion to bring to tonight’s party at Korey and Alex’s. Did some searching[…]

July 3, 2010 The Sin — Red Raspberry White Chocolate Tart / 紅覆盆子白巧克力塔This was for Jayson Potter’s birthday. Quick, easy, and summery. Raspberries, yum! Courtesy of

June 19, 2010 The Sin — Brown Butter Raspberry Tart / 棕奶油覆盆子塔Christina invited me to her graduation party at the Lake Sammamish State Park. This was one of the two desserts I made. Continuing the[…]

April 3, 2010 The Sin — Milk Chocolate-Caramel Tart with Hazelnuts and Espresso / 牛奶巧克力焦糖榛果濃咖啡塔Lorem Ipsum… Courtesy of

December 25, 2009 The Sin — Chocolate-Caramel Macadamia Nut Tart / 巧克力焦糖澳洲堅果餡餅塔Lorem Ipsum… Courtesy of